Woodside Park Stud offers a range of services, most of which are outlined below. For your convenience, we have iprovided the fee schedule located at the bottom of this page.

If you require any further information about any of our services or if there is a service not listed that you would like to ask us about, please do not hesitate to contact the office.  

Agistment - seasonal or year-round for all horses including mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings and spellers. With limited spots available at the stud we encourage you to contact a local boarding farm that specialise in broodmare agistment - Click here for more details 

Breaking-in - prepares the horse for the trainer, teaching it to trot and gallop, remain balanced and calm, and accepting of a bit, a saddle and then a rider. We recommend our 16-week breaking-in package, this is not a process that can be rushed, it also ensures the horse has a small break in between sessions providing a better outcome. 

Breeding – at our state of the art facilities we provide the very best veterinary attention and experienced staff to ensure sound pregnancies and happy and healthy mares and foals. There are several options to get your mare in foal

  • Resident – mare is prepared for cover at our stud and may remain on-site for the duration of her pregnancy, including foaling down
  • Walk In – mare comes to the stud to be covered and leaves straight after
  • Walk Out – our stud staff walks your mare in to another stud, this service is only available under special circumstances
  • Foaling Down - mares are watched closely throughout their pregnancy and observed 24/7 by a trained foal watch person/s in the weeks leading up to her due date. Once the foal is on the ground it receives the very best of care and attention. The stud manager will contact the owner as soon as the foal is born, or first thing in the morning if the foal in born throughout the night. 

Pre-Training – a specialist exercise program for your horse prior to it entering a professional training stable. The aim is to get a horse’s fitness to a certain level providing a smooth as possible transition to its training stable and thus optimising its chances of performing to its best.

Water Walker - an alternative method of exercising your racehorse. It is ideal for giving racehorses a freshen up between races as it maintains their fitness whilst taking pressure off their legs. It is also a great pre-training and conditioning tool, especially for horses returning from an injury.

Spelling – an earned break for your racehorse/s, in particular city trained horses who will appreciate the quiet surrounds Woodside Park.

Weaning - separation of foal from mother in a professional and hands on manner. We also offer branding, vaccinations, DNA testing, microchipping, and foal handling.

Yearling Preparation - professional preparation and presentation of your yearling to achieve the best possible sale result. Generally, 8 - 10 weeks of individual preparation including stabling, grooming, farm parades, inspections and promotions, first class care and presentation of your yearlings at the sale venue. 


Fees Notice 1 August 2017 Agistment breaking-in and pre-training Agreement  2017-Walk-On-Information

Woodside Park Stud Pty Ltd accepts delivery of horses and provides agistment, breaking-in and pre-training services pursuant to the terms and conditions of our Agistment, Breaking-in and Pre-training Agreement which is available by clicking on the link above. Our Agistment, Breaking-in and Pre-training Agreement is compliant with the recently announced Racing Australia Trainer and Owner Reforms (TOR). Our Agistment, Breaking-in and Pre-training Agreement will apply to each Horse from the time it is delivered by the Owner or the Owner’s agent and accepted by us onto the Property. Delivery of the Horse will constitute the Owner’s acceptance of all terms and conditions.


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